C.H.C. System Co., Ltd.

C.H.C. System Co., Ltd., an integrated facility and engineering company, considers that functionality is its top priority and operates original brands.

C.H.C. System Co., Ltd. handles facilities including air-conditioning, plumbing/sanitary equipment, and electric equipment for various purposes including major office buildings, hospitals, schools, factories, shops, and housing. We offer the following services for customers to create a comfortable space which meets the Zero Energy Building (ZEB) standard: comprehensive proposals and energy-conservation consulting services, both of which are based on our cutting-edge environmental design technology and know-how.
We have accumulated know-how through planning and construction of facilities and buildings. Leveraging this know-how, we develop novel equipment and services as a manufacturer which has original brands. In future, we will continue our group-wide efforts to contribute to our customers, society, and global environmental protection.

Integrated Facility Design and Construction

We provide engineering services for the design and construction of architectural equipment including air-conditioning, plumbing , and electric equipment. We also offer a broad range of services from new construction to maintenance. The service includes comprehensive proposals and energy-conservation consulting services, both of which are based on cutting-edge technology and trends. Amid growing interest in the natural environment, facilities are seen as being increasingly important to create energy-saving and comfortable room space. So, we strive hard to offer planning, design, construction management, and technical guidance to utilize functional, efficient, and excellent construction design, enabling us to meet our customers’ needs.

We offer a broad range of services including comprehensive proposals and energy-conservation consulting services to meet our

Equipment Development Manufacturing and Sales Service as a Manufacturer

The Environment and Energy Department plays a central role for unleashing unprecedented ideas and novel values. As a manufacturer, we develop new products, services, and markets to keep customers satisfied. To date, we have succeeded in developing the following products: Marvel, an artificial-marble sink counter which has excellent design and functions, and a CO2 controller which strikes a good balance between energy conservation and improvement of indoor air quality. We intend to continue with equipment development and sales promotion.

We develop and sell the following two products: Marvel, an artificial-marble sink counter and CO2 controller which strikes a good balance between energy conservation and comfortable indoor environment.

Overseas Project Consulting Service

We have gained know-how and built up business networks through domestic activities. We leverage these to offer architectural design, interior and product design, architectural-equipment design, energy-conservation consulting services, and sales of related products in Asian countries including China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Vietnam as well as Europe and USA. Recently, we have been expanding our business outside Asia by participating in and making presentations at major exhibitions, contributing articles to academic journals and specialized magazines, and so on.

C.H.C.SYSTEM CO.,Ltd. exhibited at ecobuild in London during 06-08 March 2018. Ecobuild has been the number one event for the built environment for over 14 years in Europe. In this exhibition, we successfully featured our CO2 controllers with distributors to Europe market. It is our pleasure to serve customers in Europe.

Participated in AHR EXPO (2017, Las Vegas), the world’s largest exhibition of freezing and refrigerating facilities

Fresh Serve OSAN Factory for GS Retail, South Korea

Our article on research on the energy use of architecture was published in Energy and Buildings, a world-renowned academic journal, in 2016.

With Business Partners in China