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C.H.C. group is expanding our business field globally as a sensitive company with our main service,M.E.P.(Mechanical, Electrical, and Piping) We have four parts of business as we show below.


C.H.C. system

C.H.C.SYSTEM covers not only construction work but also A/C system・Sanitary facility installation. From consulting to construction, we offer total solutions to all types of construction projects, including new construction, remodeling, and renovation for residential, hotels/Inns, retail, and commercial buildings, as well as property management. To best accommodate our clients’ needs, we pay careful attention to detail, which has been proven by our many accomplishments since our establishment in 1979.



Through our broad connections and networks, we offer international business consulting for retail and manufacturing, including marketing research and technical assistance/ construction coordination of M.E.P. in South Korea, Japan, and other countries. Please use our powerful network.



“Made-to-Order” and to meet customer's satisfaction are our philosophy and our major goal in any construction work. We offer building and M.E.P. construction services, and we also have created a business partnership with Eyeful Home Franchise Company. We are looking forward to you visiting our model house.



"MARVEL" is the brand name of our original and beautiful cultured marble products. This versatile material is great for using of water, and can be applied as kitchen and bathroom countertops, sinks and switch plates. It is also budget friendly and can be fully customized, which also makes it valuable for the barrier-free environments. "Marvel" not only looks luxurious, it’s also easy to clean and stays clean. We invite you to experience our great "Marvel" products and see many color and size variations in our show room, located at Setagaya Branch office in Tokyo. showroom

We developped CO2 Controller recently, which is not only able to detect temparature/CO2 ppm, but also contribute to energy saving and provide comfortable indoor space by controlling HVAC system automatically.

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