Marvel Matter list

Marvell consists of a marble layer and a surface gelcoat layer, and the raw material is an artificial marble formed from a composite material such as a carefully selected natural stone powder particle and a thermosetting polyester resin, it is highly durable due to the luxury of natural marble, heavy texture It is an ideal counter material which added sex. Since 1975, we have made a number of achievements including production sales. Let me introduce some of its features.


Materials generally have the following features.
Material type durability durability Scratchy Design
stainless 〇Small scratches stand out Cold feel of metal
Melamine plywood
Swollen by moisture from scratches

High heat fade. 200 degree limit
The wound does not go away
△Color, handle freely
Corian ◎Slightly dirty and troublesome to care ◎Repair by surface polishing 〇No surface gloss
◎easily remove dirt easily 〇No change to 200 degrees of oil ◎Repairable for scratches and damage ◎Pattern, glossy and luxurious


We tested the characteristic performance value of Marvel products.
Characteristic Performance value テスト法
Heat-resistant No abnormality Place the frying pan containing 200 degrees of oil for 20 minutes to investigate the change in discoloration and appearance
Low temperature resistance No abnormality 29/5000
– 30-Do no ondo de 24-jikan hōchi shi, hen taishoku ya gaikan no henka o shiraberu
Leave for 24 hours at a temperature of -30 ° C to check for discoloration and changes in appearance
Acid resistance No abnormality Investigate changes in discoloration and appearance when immersed in hydrochloric acid (0.5 N)
Alkali resistance No abnormality Investigate changes in discoloration and appearance when it is immersed in additive soda (5%)
Cold heat repeat 1,800times / No abnormality Alternate hot and cold water with a temperature difference of 55 degrees or less for 1.5 minutes durability against thermal shock of the surface layer
Barcol Hardness 52 The larger the value, the harder it is
Abrasion resistance 0.68g/
Abrasion charges (g / 1000 times) when polishing the surface with abrasive paper 1.3% in natural marble and stronger as the value is smaller
Flexural strength 493 The greater the value of the maximum bending stress when supporting the both ends and concentrating overload at the center, the harder the cracking
Falling ball test No abnormality We investigate dents by dropping a steel ball of 500 g (conventionally 200 g) from 50 cm (45 cm in the past)
specific gravity 1.90
Heat-resistant Incombustibility A flame is brought into contact with the tip of 12 cm in length, 1 cm in width and thickness, for 30 seconds, and becomes incombustible when the burning distance is 2.5 cm or less
Dirt No abnormality Iodine tincture / ink / magic ink / hair fixture / lipstick / lacquer / bleaching agent Wipe off with thinner