Original Brand MARVEL

Directed luxury washbowl space

Scagliola MARVEL which shows a good characteristic in water circumference space.  As cleanliness and material having the expensive design characteristics, I possess the performance that is most suitable for the washing face counter to the last.

MARVEL (C.H.C. SYSTEM original scagliola) / trademark Registered “MARVEL” is furniture, an electric appliance, a registered trademark of us about the building materials.

MARVEL Bathroom Countertops


I direct place equipped with a water supply space splendidly. Flexible performance only by the scagliola satisfies a visitor by all means. Please enjoy various size and color variations. Please refer for the details willingly to us.

MARVEL Switchplates
The feel of a material of the marble which is full of variations directs life space splendidly. I have you buy it by superior cost performance in Tokyu Hands. I reproduce the luxurious feel of a material of the natural marble for 12 colors of abundant color variations and fluent touch. The surface which I cope with every space that I gave up so far, and was rich in luster with the flexibility of the artificial marble shuts out dirts. The installation saves labor of execution by one-touch wearing. I direct casual luxury.

MARVEL  Furniture

Do not you do total coordinate by beautiful space direction? I meet every order including a system kitchen. Please don’t hesitate to ask if there are any points you feel are unclear.