Meet Ms.Tomu Muto from AKB 48 on the air on August 5 and August 12

We are very glad to invite Ms.Tomu Muto, who is a member of the Japanese idol girl group AKB 48, to attend the program of the Radio Nippon on August 5 and August 12. On the  program, “Be earth friendly”, we will share the information about the environmental problems and introduce CO2 controllers, which are thought as one of the best solution to mitigate the impact of environmental problems. Meet us on the air and stay on tune!

  • Radio station and frequency: Raio Nippon AM1422kHZ
  • Program: CHC group “Be earth friendly” radio
  • Broadcasting Time: 17:35~17:50 every Sunday
  • Sponsor: C.H.C. SYSTEM CO., LTD.