FY2020 CHC GROUP’s Ceremony of Prospective Employees

Today, you can feel a little bit chilly and the smell the aroma of fragrant olive wafted from outside, you realize autumn deepens. Under this wonderful weather, we held FY2020 CHC GROUP’s Ceremony of Prospective Employees.
*The ceremony was held compactly in a short time and with a small number of people to prevent infectious diseases.
*Thorough prevention of splashing, the mask is removed only when taking a picture

Earnest eyes on chairman and president!

Commemorative photo took at the end of the ceremony.

I heard the determination of the three people who spoke firmly in their own words, even though they were kind of nervous. But from their words, I realize they are reliable. Meanwhile, it braced me up because it made me recall that as a long time ago when I was a newcomer, the beginner spirit I had. I couldn’t wait to work with those people who will join the company with hope in April next year.