For infectious disease countermeasures! “Visualization” of CO2 concentration as a benchmark for ventilation

~The indoor air can be kept clean if the CO2 value goes down!~

Recently, you might often hear the phrase “let’s ventilate the room diligently”.
But you might wonder if there is anyone who knows “When and how much when and how much ventilation is sufficient”?

To respond the question, one of the answers is the value of “CO2 concentration”, the reference for ventilation! Generally, keeping the CO2 concentration below 1,000 ppm can achieve “clean air quality.”



Hence, if you can grasp the value of CO2 concentration, you can know how dirty the room is and it will be the reference as well. Sufficient ventilation will keep the air fresh and clean!

Our CO2 monitor/controller series is the best products as a reference for ventilation because you can see the value of CO2 concentration in a timely manner just by placing it indoors.



How about keeps your room comfortable by “visualizing” the CO2 concentration?

*CO2 Monitor/Marvel series

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