CO2 Controller [SA-K03, NMA-VRC-Ⅱ, NMA-VRC-Ⅲ] and CO2 Monitor [Marvel 001] are targeted products to support by
・“The Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center”
・“Tokyo Trial Ordering Authorization”
・“Machida city Trial Ordering Authorization”

CO2 Controller SA-K 03

New CO2 Controller for greenhouses!

CO2 Controller NMA-Series

Living with visualized CO2!

There are also the following products according to applications other than the NMA-VRC-Ⅲ new products.

CO2 monitor

In order to contribute healthy and comfortable living, we developed CO2 monitors which detect the carbon dioxide levels in the ambient air and help people to take care of the Indoor Air Quality.
Compact apparatus warns of the necessity for the ventilation of the room.
Also, it is very easy to use even for inexperienced customers.

Marvel 001・003(for home and office)

Marvel 301(for public facilities and outdoor)