Media report

It is an introduction of CO2 controllers that have been picked up by many industry paper, magazine and media.

Introduction of major magazines etc. posted in 2016

【Air Conditioning Times】

An article on the AHR exhibition was posted on March 23, 2016 issue.

Introduction of major magazines etc. posted in 2014

【Air Conditioning Times】

September issueOctober issue

【Air Conditioning Times】

New product “Household use: Marvel 001” and “ZGw 08 VRC” corresponding to the HVAC system in the building are introduced in the air conditioning / cooling industry specialty paper “air conditioning time”.

Introduction of major magazines published in the April 2010 issue

【MJ Nikkei Distribution Newspaper】

In addition to “for home use”, there are 3 models of “CO2 monitor” for “commercial use”, “for business facilities” for large facilities such as factories depending on the place of use.

【Nikkei Ecology】

It introduced to introduce it to a major coffee chain.
The CO2 monitor corresponds to the HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system in the building, we propose a comfortable space.

Information magazine for architects 【CCI】

CO2 monitor is introduced as a proposal to a place where a lot of people gather such as school, educational facilities and so on.

Introduction of major magazines published in the March 2010 issue and content of publication

Hotel and restaurant related magazine

CO2 monitor is posted. Please see it once.

December 2009 issue Introduction of main magazines on CO2 monitor

【New Architecture】

【Nikkei Ecology】

It was also published in August / October and the December issue.

Following the August issue, we also posted a CO2 monitor in the October issue. Regrettably, despite the fact that CO2 concentration has a big influence on our lives, it is the actual situation that it is not well known.

【New Architecture】

【Nikkei Ecology】

We have also tried to post advertisements and aim for publicity for the second time We will continue to make various efforts in the future and aim to make CO2 reductions more accessible to us.

Special magazine “Handling simple CO2 monitor”

There is an increasing interest in measuring the concentration of CO 2, which is a global warming effect gas.

CO2 concentration affects health, learning and operational efficiency, and it will cause drowsiness if you have a long time in CO2 concentration of 1,000 ppm or more, and even feel sick. Because CO2 monitor is easy to handle at low cost, it can be installed at home, office, and store. By measuring indoor CO2 and proper ventilation, it can contribute to energy conservation.