Company info

Company name

C.H.C. System Co., Ltd.
(Central Heating and Cooling System CO.,LTD.)


April 1, 1979


100,000,000 yen

Main Business

●Design and construction of air-conditioning, plumbing, and sanitary equipment
●Design and construction of electric equipment
●Development, design, manufacturing, and sales of CO2 controllers and environmental equipment
●Development, design, manufacturing, and sales of washstands, furniture, and artificial-marble products
●Facility- and environmental-engineering consulting services for plant factories and agricultural facilities
●Consulting services for energy-conserving and environmental-facility design
●Real-estate dealing, leasing, management, and intermediation
●Design and construction of freezing and refrigerating facilities
●Overseas expansion of the above businesses


Special Construction Industry Permission authorized by Governor of Tokyo

Construction Industry Permission

Governor of Tokyo Tokyo Identification No. 69537

Architect office

C.H.C. System Co., Ltd.
First-class architect / building facility office Tokyo Governor Registration No. 31820

Main Bank

Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Machida Branch
Yokohama Bank Machida Branch


Representative Director, President, CEO

Toshinori Shibuya

Executive Vice-president, COO

Toshihiko Shibuya


Tatsumi Tanaka
Tokuo Kawao
Hiroki Hidejima
Naoki Serizawa


Yasushi Watanabe

Operating officer

Kazuyuki Ishida


1-25-9 Nakamachi, Machida-shi, Tokyo, 194-0021, Japan
TEL+81-42-728-6660 FAX+81-42-722-2334


Tokyo Branch

5-4-3 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 155-0031, Japan
TEL+81-3-3485-0511 FAX+81-3-3485-6149


Hachioji Office

5-13 Yokoyamacho, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo, 192-0081, Japan



Japanese web site
English web site:

Affiliated company name

System Housing Construction Co., Ltd.
T2P Architects Office Co., Ltd.

Membership of professional institutions

Japan Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Equipment Manufacturers Association
Tokyo Metropolitan Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Equipment Association
Association of Building Engineering and Equipment
Japan Plant Factry Association
International House of Japan
Machida Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Machida Corporation Association
Machida City Air Conditioning Equipment Association

This information is current as of August 2017