SHC Greetings

Since the spring of 1973 when we entered the construction industry, we have kept expanding our activities. Today, our business includes general construction ranging from facilities and housing to large-scale buildings, product development, and overseas business.

The climate in Japan is characterized by wide fluctuations: the summers are humid and hot, and the winters are extremely cold. The dramatic changes of season have shaped Japanese attitudes: gratitude and reverence for nature, the spirit of mottainai (a Japanese term conveying a sense of regret concerning waste), and compassion. I have studied various architectural styles of the world, which has shown me that Japan has a rich natural environment and unique culture. I am convinced that wooden houses are best suited to Japan, because they effectively control humidity and have the flexibility to withstand earthquakes, while also conveying a natural feel.

In the design of residential buildings, the most important point is how to utilize sunlight and wind efficiently. Natural sunlight is said to improve our vision and be less stressful to the eyes than artificial light. So, we can reduce the use of lighting by utilizing natural light effectively. We can also reduce the use of air-conditioning by blocking solar heat in the summer and by taking in the warmth in the winter. In addition, if the flow of natural wind feels comfortable, our perceived temperature goes down. This enables us to reduce the use of air-conditioning and keep the indoor air clean at the same time. There is a certain regularity between the movement of the sun and the aerodynamic flow of wind. If we can accurately understand the conditions and features of each building site and then design a building, we can strike a good balance between a comfortable indoor environment and energy conservation without relying on machinery.

We see the time of construction completion and delivery as the starting point of a genuine relationship with our customers. So, we are highly committed to long-term after-sales care and maintenance spanning decades. In these services, our specialized staff with a wealth of experience visit customers regularly to conduct detailed housing inspections. As a result, we are dedicated to helping our customers enjoy comfortable and healthy lifestyles for many decades.

The construction of our latest model house was completed in central Machida, Tokyo. With the concept of “In Reality 30 Tsubo*, but the Possibility of 100 m2”, this new model house is unprecedented and allows the occupants to enjoy a roomy living space and seasonal changes brought by the sun’s movement, pleasant wind flow, and the color of the sky, even on a limited plot.

“Warm in the Winter, Cool in the Summer, Always Comfortable”, “A House that Makes Us Feel the Seasonal Changes and Appreciate Family Bonds”

As a community-oriented specialist group, we have accumulated technology and know-how through our activities. We use technology and know-how and our cutting-edge computer-based simulations to create a comfortable space for each customer at an affordable price. Also, our spaces are friendly to humans and the earth. We look forward to seeing you at our new model house.
*1 tsubo = 3.33 m2

President and Representative Director
Toshihiko Shibuya

Born in Tokyo in 1977
(Academic background)
Graduated from Seijo Gakuen High School
Graduated from Waseda University Faculty of Science and Engineering (BSc in Atmospheric Environment Engineering, Building Equipment)
University College London, The Bartlett Graduate School of Building Environmental Engineering (Built Environment, MSc in Environmental Design and Engineering)
University College London, The Bartlett Completed the graduate school of construction economics and management (Built Environment, PGDip in Construction Economics and Management)
Cambridge University Judge Business School (JBS) General Management Certificate
(Work experience)
2000 – 2012 TEPCO KK
2012 – Director of System Housing Construction Co., Ltd.
Director of C.H.C. System Co., Ltd.
2015 – Representative Director, CEO of System Housing Construction Co., Ltd.
2017 – Executive Vice President, COO of C.H.C. System Co., Ltd.
Representative Director, CEO of T2P Architects Office Co., Ltd.
First-class architect / management architect, energy manager, residential building trading official, atmospheric relation type 1 pollution control administrator