System Housing Co., Ltd.
Aiful home Machida store staff

Representative Director Toshihiko Shibuya

First-class architect, energy manager, landowner building dealer, etc.
Hobbies: tennis, construction tour

I learned about energy conservation architecture in the UK graduate school.
We will make suggestions based on the latest technology and trends.

Machida shop manager manager Makoto Sano

Industry history 18 years, hobby: baseball, visiting a temple

We will do our utmost to make our customers ‘dreams come true, as well as respond to customers’ requests in terms of housing loans and taxes.

Izumi Kobayashi, General Manager, Design Sales Office

First-class architect, residential building building trader, interior coordinator
Industry history 19 years, hobby: building exploration

We devise design so that we can use natural energy and provide “people and environment friendly house”.

Takehiko Horino, Manager, Design Sales Office

Second-class architect, industry history 32 years, hobby: karaoke

Utilizing the experience of the industry for 30 years, we aim to live only one.

Design Sales Office Deputy Manager Yuji Hasegawa

Industry history 15 years, Hobby: Foreign ocean yacht, paragliding
What is important in house making?
Company size? Low-cost housing? It is a person!
Please leave it to the housing concierge.

Mr. Sadori Suehiro, Deputy Director of the Construction Department

First-class building and construction engineer, second-class architect
Industry history 25 years, hobbies: golf, drive

I always try new things to make better things.

Hisao Mimori, Deputy Director of Construction Department

First-class architectural construction and management engineer second-class architect
Industry history 37 years, hobbies: golf, watching movies

Along with the progress of construction technology, we will strive to provide housing making that make use of experience.

Tanaka Tanaka, Construction Department

Industry history 3 years, hobby: Karaoke

Add one to “hot” and make it “happy”. We always try to create a bright and vibrant scene with positive prospects.

Kenko Kenko, Deputy Director

Industry history 26 years, Hobby: walk, reading

I am committed to creating a housing that allows us to associate with customers long ago with a motto of quality and health.

Engineering department Takanari Murakami

商業施設士, 業界歴 1年, 趣味:ダーツ, ビリヤード


アフターメンテナンス担当 阿部 淳一

二級建築施工管理技士, 業界歴 31年, 趣味:スポーツ観戦(サッカー)