Tesla Service Center Tokyo Bay – Tesla’s first maintenance service center in Tokyo

In 2019, CHC Group took another step towards connecting with the world. With the approval of the US leading electric car company * TESLA *, who also focuses on the space business, CHC worked with Tesla and conducted the design and construction work of its first maintenance service center in Tokyo, Tesla Service Center Tokyo Bay. CHC Group takes the same attitude and stance to expand our service with high aspirations, just like TESLA, which has a great vision to improve people’s life.

Address: Sinonome2-7-20, Shinonome, Koto Ku, Tokyo To, 135-0062, Japan

Strength of CHC Group – Providing high-quality service for overseas company/organization/individual projects in Japan

Service included: Design (both of construction and interior), Construction, HVAC&MEP system/Consulting

If you require any further information, feel free to contact CHC group.
Mail: info@chcsys.net

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