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C.H.C. GROUP and Our Four Fields

C.H.C. GROUP is constructed in 4 fields. M.E.P. services (C.H.C. SYSTEM), international business services (C.H.C. KOREA), Construction services (S.H.C.), and manufacturing and retail of our original line of products (MARVEL), We cooperate and work closely together to best serve our clients.


C.H.C. group / organizational chart

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Just as if a tailor would carefully make the best fitting clothes for you, we tailor our services to make your dreams come true, through our knowledge and solid experience in building and M.E.P.(Mechanical, Electrical, and Piping) construction. This is our "Made-to-Order" philosophy.
In order to answer to a variety of requests, we have developed a system to handle all phases of your construction project. From consulting to construction, residential to commercial, equipment to building, and even property management… we do our best to accommodate all your needs.
We’ve gained trust of our clients by providing the best service possible. Our strongest expertise lies in M.E.P. construction, which includes equipment renewal, renovation, and maintenance services for upscale residential, multi-dwelling units, office buildings, medical facilities, factories, and so on. We also believe that the equipment maintenance after construction is one of our most important tasks, and we provide support, 365 days a year, to solve any issues that arise.
Air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical systems are the necessities of everyday life and must be first and foremost functional, but also safe, energy-efficient, and sustainable. "From perfect planning through perfect after-care", we provide comfortable environments for you to enjoy.


At C.H.C. KOREA, we believe in the future integrated market between South Korea and Japan. We have broad experience in international projects, reliable construction skills and a sophisticated system for collecting and analyzing information to create new business opportunities. The scope of our work includes, but is not limited to, building and M.E.P. construction, consulting, and product development and market research. It is our business experience in construction and the close working relationships with our customers that gives us a great insight in current market trend and society in general. We take advantage of this knowledge to promote competitive new businesses internationally and proactively.


S.H.C. is a design-build construction company to handle all types of construction projects. Recently we have developed a business partnership with Eyeful Home Franchise Company to build high-performance homes at low price. Our joint model house (OYAMADA SHOWROOM) is located in Machida, Tokyo, in addition to our own two showrooms in Setagaya, Tokyo, and Hachioji, Tokyo.


"MARVEL" is the brand name for our original and beautiful cultured marble products, distributed through our sales agencies. "MARVEL" can be fully customized and great for use in kitchen and bathroom areas, such as countertops, sinks and switch plates. Budget-friendly and flexible, it is also valuable for the barrier-free environments.
"MARVEL" not only looks luxurious, it’s also easy to clean and stays clean. We invite you to experience our great "MARVEL" products and see many possibilities in our show room, located at KITAZAWA-SETAGAYA BRANCH OFFICE in Tokyo.

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