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Our Original Brand, MARVEL®

MARVEL® cultured marble is an ideal material for use around water. It stays clean and has design versatility, which makes it the right choice for your bathroom countertops. MARVEL®(C.H.C. SYSTEM original artificial mable) is a registered trademark of C.H.C. SYSTEM for furniture, electrical goods, and construction materials.                       

MARVEL® Bathroom Countertops

MARVEL® produces a dramatic effect in bathroom vanity area. The flexibility of cultured marble is sure to satisfy your needs. Many sizes and color variations are available. Please contact our office for more details.

MARVEL® Switch Plates


MARVEL® produces a dramatic effect in your living space with a variety of marble textures. It’s affordable and now available at Tokyu Hands. 12 different colors and their smooth textures reproduce luxurious natural marble quality. This flexible material can be used in many areas previously considered to be very difficult with natural marble, and its non-porous, lustrous surface repels dirt. Simple one-touch installation saves time, and let you enjoy the luxury instantaneously.

MARVEL® Furniture

Total coordination for the whole area to create a beautiful space… we can accommodate your custom requests including integrated kitchen system, etc.

Products of Marvel
  • 洗面カウンター
  • オンラインショップ
  • C.H.C. system
  • C.H.C. KOREA
  • S.H.C.
  • Marvel

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