Let’s Fight off Infection! Sufficient indoor ventilation by visualizing CO2 concentration

~ Keep indoor air clean simply by decreasing CO2 concentration ~

Recently, you might hear an evocation often, “Let’s do indoor ventilation diligently.”
But is there something like “I don’t know when and how much ventilation should be OK” …?

A way easy solution is to check CO2 concentration, the indicator of ventilation! Generally, you can create a “clean air quality” environment by keeping the CO2 concentration of 1,000 ppm or less.



Since the CO2 concentration as an indicator can tell us how dirty the indoor air is, you can simply know when to ventilate by checking it. With adequate ventilation, you can keep fresh and clean air.

Our CO2 monitor / controller series allows you to see the CO2 concentration value in a timely manner simply by placing it in the room. It is the optimal product as a guide for ventilation.



How about taking a try of maintaining your room comfortable just simply by checking CO2.

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