The CHC Group makes a contribution to the daily lives of everyone by utilizing a wide range of technologies and know-how about the construction and engineering that we have cultivated over the years, creating energy saving and comfortable spaces. In addition, we are focusing on nurturing human resources who have advanced expertise, responsibility and ethics. I think seriously about daily business activities and utilize the company’s strengths, I believe that it is ideal social contribution for companies.

Meanwhile, as we meet many people through our day-to-day business, there are many cases where we are struck by their activities. I think that I would like to support them in a very powerful manner, I think that I want to be a force, I will support in various forms. I will introduce a part of such activities.

Support for OISCA

Based on the philosophy that the CHC Group aims to be a world in which “all people overcome various differences and coexist and protect the infrastructure of all life on the planet”, the CHC Group mainly develops rural development in the Asia-Pacific region And the public benefit foundation corporation OISCA which is developing environmental conservation activities, and we support that activity. As an example, we set up a vending machine in the premises of our Tokyo branch, and we will donate all of that sales to OISKA.

Bone Marrow Bank

The CHC Group supports the promotion and understanding of the number of donor registrants in the bone marrow bank to support people suffering from blood intractable diseases. Our company representative · Toshiyuki Shibuya served as vice chairman of a specific nonprofit corporation National Bone Marrow Bank Promotion Liaison Committee, etc. We support a wide range.

FC Machida Zelvia (sports sponsored)

The CHC group is supporting FC Machida Serbia. FC Machida Zelvia’s home stadium, Machida Municipal Athletics Stadium, is holding a banner to support the CHC Group. I would like you to do your best to promote J1.