Featured New Product: Odor CO2 Dual Sensor Control, SMA-OVC-Ⅰ

Evolution. CHC successfully develops and launches this brand new product which includes conventional CO2 sensor and odor sensor. It is the industry’s first that the product can detect the odor and display its level in 100 stages from 0 to 99. Moreover, it can automatically control the ventilation equipment and deodorizing device according to the measurement value.

As usual, it also incorporates a CO2 sensor, enabling dual control of CO2 control of ventilation equipment.

The new product can be applied and install into offices, government buildings, elementary and junior high schools, universities, commercial facilities, hospital rooms, nursing homes, hotels, event halls, exhibition halls, toilets, etc. Through this brand new product, we are expecting to bring a brand new value to our customers.

Sales begin by the end of May.


【Featured New Product: SMA-OVC-Ⅰ】

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