Congratulation! Renovation of Hachioji Shibuya Building Completed

On April 20, 2019, the full renovation of the Hachioji Shibuya Building have been completed.
Designed by T2P Architects

Before the refurbishment, the building was characterized by a bay window and balcony facing the shopping street.
Taking over the idea of building a interacting relationship with the street. “The concept is that we aim to review the value of the architecture that has been built there again, while overwriting existing designs to match modern urban spaces.”, said T2P.
((Interview with T2P Architects)

Based on the concept, a newly reborn building based on gray and white has been presented.

This year will mark the 40th anniversary of the CHC’s founding. As a memorable place, Hachioji Office, which was established at the time of CHC’s establishment, will take a new step. It makes us feel the time is changing and the arrival of a new era.

Hachioji Shibuya Building has a great location which is near the Hachioji Station. Tenants, such as restaurant will join us in the future. Please feel free to come by when you are near the street.

■Design: T2P Architects
■Construction: C.H.C. SYSTEM Co., Ltd ; System Housing Construction Co., Ltd.