Case Study

Many introduction results

CO2 controller · CO2 monitor has been installed in many facilities and houses to support more comfortable living. I will introduce some of them.

Yokohama-shi Aoba-ku Restaurants

We installed one NMA-PR-R.


TATEBE family clinic

NMA-PR-R 3 units · NMA-PR-RD 1 unit installed.


New construction work of Hachioji church

We installed one NMA-PR-R.


Yokohama City Minami Ward Comprehensive Office

We installed 40 NMA-VRC-Ⅱ.


Kameari Shinkin Bank headquarters

We installed 10 NMA-VRC-Ⅱ.


Hachioji City Lifelong Learning Center

We installed NMA-VRC-II in the library.


Municipal National High School

We delivered 23 NMA-VRC-Ⅱ.


Machida City Junior High School

NMA – VRC – Ⅱ total 22 units We have installed in the ordinary classroom, staff room, office room, principal office room.


Chiba prefecture Yamato City plant factory

We introduced our CO2 controller “SA-K03” to a plant factory in Hachi-aki City, Chiba Prefecture.


Saitama prefecture cucumber farmer

We installed SA-K03.


Kanagawa Prefecture Hatano Municipal Junior High School

A total of 148 CHC’s CO2 controller (September 2014) and a total of 178 (December 2014) were set up at Hadano Municipal Primary School in 6 schools of Hadano Municipal Junior High School in Kanagawa Prefecture.
Two models of MA-PR-R and NMA-VRC-Ⅱ were adopted this time.

Iwaki-shi strawberry farm in Fukushima prefecture

We installed SA-K03.


Waseda University Nakano Community Plaza

Waseda University Nakano Community Plaza opened in April 2014 has integrated 1F’s lifelong learning facilities and 2F-11F international student dormitory facilities.
NMA-VRC-II total 17 units


Tadashi district child center new construction air conditioning facility construction

We constructed a newly constructed air conditioning facility at the child center in the 4th building in Machida city.
Opened in January 2014, we can enjoy basketball and badminton.
NMA – VRC – Ⅱ total 4 units


1,000 major cafe chains opened!

We have delivered 279 cumulative total of 147 MA-PR-R, NMA-VRC-II to 147 stores.


NHN Corp Research Institute, South Korea

We delivered and installed our CO2 controller from Asuville Korea following the construction work of NHN Corp’s research laboratory, the largest internet service company in Korea.


Machida City Minami First Elementary School 2 other schools

Ordinary classroom etc. Air conditioning installation work MA – PR – R


Kanazawa Institute of Technology Building # 23 Lecture Building

We installed 70 units to the new school building (about 21,000 m2).
NMA-VRC-Ⅱ total 70


Machida city hall building new construction work

MA-VRC-Ⅱ, NMA-VRC-Ⅱ are installed in each room.
We are attracting attention and attention both inside and outside as a building of energy-saving and comfortable indoor environment setting.


Complex Medical Facility in Machida City “Medical Plaza MORINO”


Machida Junior High 8 Schools

We installed the CO2 controller to 128 classrooms.


Yokohama City H Elementary School

We started installing CO2 controllers at elementary and junior high schools in Yokohama. We also installed a CO2 controller at elementary and junior high schools in Machida · Hachioji city including 105 classrooms of elementary and junior high schools in Yokohama city.


Yokosuka City Y House

Overall air conditioning (air conditioning + ventilation system) When the indoor CO2 concentration exceeds 1,000 ppm at all times in “weak driving”, it automatically switches to “strong driving” and increases the quality of indoor air.

Seoul Japanese School Established in a new school building!

Approximately 400 children are learning at Seoul Japanese School, which consists of three departments of kindergarten, elementary school and junior high school, from the Japanese government Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology provides “a course equivalent to elementary and junior high school courses It is licensed as a foreign education facility “. We installed 5 CO2 monitors such as cooking room and lunch room.

Completed 2010/9/14: Construction company Fujita Corporation

Osaka Municipal Tennoji Zoo

Tennoji Zoo is an urban type general zoo where about 230 species of animals are raised.
The number of visitors is second only to Ueno Zoological Gardens in Japan.
The CO2 monitor panel was set up in the observation hut of the elephant, which has been in Japan for 60 years since coming to Thailand.

Yokohama City M House

M House built newly in Celco Home air-conditioning system
Comfortable space anywhere in the house, further energy saving! CO2 monitor was also installed.

Sagamihara City M House

Stylish M House based on white. The CO2 monitor ZGw 08 VRC was installed on the 2F facing the open living room, realizing energy saving!

House cultivation Aichi-ken

It is said that the COG concentration in the house was recorded using the placement form of ZGw 063. Currently using ZGw 08PR, it is good because the CO2 concentration control can be done with the monitor in conjunction with the carbon dioxide gas generator.