Business Overview

Facilities Services

We’ve gained trust of our clients through our skills and solid experience in M.E.P. construction. From upscale residences to large scale constructions, we provide highest quality work possible with our continuous efforts to satisfy every need of our clients.
Our services include equipment renewal, renovation, and annual maintenance services for multi-dwelling units, office buildings, medical facilities, factories, and so on.
Air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical systems are the necessities of everyday life and must be functional and safe. We provide prompt and reliable services to create comfortable environments for everyone.
"From perfect planning through perfect after-care", we do it all to satisfy your needs in every way.

Construction Services

Just as if a tailor would carefully make the best fitting clothes for you, we tailor our services to make your dreams come true, through our knowledge and solid experience in building and M.E.P. construction. This is our "Made-to-Order" philosophy.
From consulting to construction, we offer total solutions to all phases of your construction projects, including residential remodeling, hotels/Inns, retail, and commercial buildings, as well as property management. To best accommodate our clients’needs, we pay careful attention to detail, which has been proven by our many accomplishments since our establishment in 1979.
Many referrals from our clients are the best compliments we have received to date. We believe that our effort in finding good location, superior planning, and our priority in courteous service have brought this wonderful success. In order to maintain our higher standards, we also provide prompt support, 365 days a year, to solve any issues that arise.

Overseas Services

Through our broad connections and networks, we offer international business consulting for retail and manufacturing, including marketing research and technical assistance/ construction coordination of M.E.P. in South Korea, Japan, and other countries.

Product Development

"MARVEL" is the brand name for our original and beautiful cultured marble products. This versatile material is great for use around water, and can be applied as kitchen and bathroom countertops, sinks and switch plates. It is also budget friendly and can be fully customized, which also makes it valuable for the barrier-free environments. "MARVEL" not only looks luxurious, it’s also easy to clean and stays clean. We invite you to experience our great "MARVEL" products and see many color and size variations in our show room, located at SETAGAYA BRANCH OFFICE in Tokyo.

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