CHC system summary

I will introduce the business outline of the C.H.C. system.

Challenge to the world

As a company that “challenges the world”, we will develop and respond to customer’s internationalization requests.
The overseas business of the C. H. C. Group has provided various services to customers entering the field in Korea and other countries now, starting with the opening of overseas representative offices in Seoul, Korea. We are also conducting research on the world’s most advanced technology, research activities and providing information to customers.

With the strong partnership with the overseas base network and the global alliance enterprise, the H.C. Group provides value for the business development of customers.

Comprehensive facility design and construction

We handle air conditioning, water supply / sanitation, sanitation, electricity, etc. for all uses such as large office buildings, hospitals, schools, factories, shops, houses and so on. We also offer comprehensive proposal activities and energy conservation consulting based on state-of-the-art technology and know-how on environmental design, and we will provide customers with a comfortable space for ZEB conversion.
In addition, we utilize the expertise accumulated through the design and construction of facilities and buildings, and as a manufacturer with original brands we are also developing new equipment and services. We will continue to contribute to the protection of the global environment for our customers and society by raising the group’s total strength.

Building · Housing Design · Construction

We are designing and constructing a wide range of projects ranging from detached houses to commercial houses such as apartment houses, shops, and public buildings such as schools and hospitals. Since our establishment, we cherish communication with our owners and orderers more than anything else. From now on, we will accumulate achievements as a group of experts rooted in the area.

Equipment development Manufacture · Sales, Manufacturer functions

The Environment & Energy Business Division will focus on creating new ideas and new values that are not in the world to be visible. As a manufacturer, we develop products and services that are pleasing to customers, and are opening up new markets. We have succeeded in developing Marvel (Marvel), an artificial marble washcounter counter with excellent design and performance, and a “CO2 controller” that enables compatibility between energy saving and indoor air quality improvement. We will continue to work on equipment development and promotion in the future.

Design and supervision master plan

In the area there are unique cultures and customs rooted in history, climate and climate are different. Faced with such conditions seriously, we will explore and propose unique solutions for each project, and respond to client requests and social demands. In addition to proposing spatial solutions, we aim to build architecture that can be used for a long time by discovering and proposing new unprecedented value while exploring universal building value. It also develops to the design of architecture, interior and product.

Overseas business consulting

Outstanding achievements and trust to realize global expansion. We are doing consulting business of companies thinking overseas expansion.