Privacy Policy

Information Privacy Policy

・ C.H.C. Group complies with its internal rules and regulations on practices regarding appropriate collection, use and disclosure of personal information according to its business operations and dimensions.
・ C.H.C. Group will use every effort to protect the loss, misuse, and alteration of the personal information it collects, and will take any corrective actions necessary should the security breach is occurred.
・ C.H.C. Group is committed to comply with all applicable laws, guidelines, and any other regulations set forth by the government to protect your personal information.
・ C.H.C. Group will provide prompt support in good faith to its customers regarding personal information.
・ C.H.C. Group will review or revise its personal information protection practices continually to assure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

How We Use Your Information

C.H.C. will specify the purpose of use of your personal information to the best of its ability before use of such information. Except as permitted by any applicable law or where consent has been provided, your personal information may be used by C.H.C. Group for the following purposes:
・ Research purposes, to provide consulting services regarding business management, operation and information system, to establish and to operate information system and computer network system, and to provide C.H.C. Group products and services including information processing services, contents services, information provision services
・ To send publications such as “Intellectual Assets Creation”, “Future Emergence”, “Technology Emergence”, and “IT Solution Frontier”
・ Promotional purposes for new products and services
・ Informational purposes for news releases, seminars, and exhibitions
・ To conduct customer satisfaction surveys
・ To practice promotional campaigns
・ To administrate contracts with clients
・ To administrate shareholders information
・ To administrate employees (includes recruitment) and personnel records

C.H.C. Group will obtain your consent before personal information is used for any purpose other than listed above, except as permitted by any applicable law.

C.H.C. Group may share personal information with outsourcing partners to entrust part of its business operations if necessary. We manage your personal information properly in compliance with applicable laws, and C.H.C. Group internal rules and regulations.

Disclosure and Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

C.H.C. Group never provides or discloses personal information to third parties except for the reasons listed below:
・ If customer consent has been obtained
・ If disclosure is required to protect human life or property in cases where obtaining customer consent is difficult
・ If disclosure or provision is required by applicable laws or regulations

Access to, correction of and termination of use of collected personal information

C.H.C. Group provides access to your collected personal information upon request to the extent that such action does not obstruct its proper business functions. C.H.C. requires you to verify your identity in such case according to its stipulated standards.
If erroneous information was found in its records, C.H.C. Group will take prompt action to correct such information. If termination of use of personal information is requested, C.H.C. Group will discontinue the use of such information promptly.

Website Security

C.H.C. employs technology to safeguard the confidentiality of your personal information, using SSL(Secure Socket Layers), when such information is registered online.
SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is an encryption standard that prevents anyone from intercepting and reading the data stream sent between the web server and browser.
C.H.C. Group will use reasonable efforts to maintain the security and integrity of personal information collected. However, data transmission on the internet or through e-mails cannot be guaranteed to be 100% secure due to its nature. Please use all precautions to safeguard your information when using C.H.C. Group’s website and sending e-mails.

Privacy Policies Specific to Each Product and Service

C.H.C. Group may be adopting different privacy policies other than the policy specified herein regarding use purposes, third party disclosure, security, and inquiries, specific to each product and service, such as said products, service websites, and e-mail notifications. In such cases, if there is any discrepancy between aforementioned policies in rules and regulations, the privacy policy specific to product and service overrides the policy specified herein.

Modification of Privacy Policy

C.H.C. Group reserves the right to modify its privacy policy in accordance with amendment of applicable laws and regulations by the government or C.H.C. Group policy.