We try to understand the spaces surrounding us from a broad perspective and to design our services accordingly. Also, we try to identify the advantages of the location, imagine a space needed there, and propose ideal solutions. We strive to cooperate with our clients and to create a space that they will enjoy for a long time.


T2P Principle
Tatsuhito Ono

【Career Summary】
Born in 1974 in Gifu Prefecture

(Academic background)
Gifu prefecture Gifu high school graduate
Graduated from Department of Architecture, University of Tokyo (Bachelor of Architecture)
Graduate School of Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Graduate School of Architecture (Master of Architecture)
(Work experience)
2001 – 2012 Tadao Ando Corporation Building Research Institute
2013 – Establishment of T2P architectural design office
(First class architect office Osaka prefectural governor registration (I) No. 24173)
2013 – Senan University Faculty of Science and Technology Department of Architecture, part-time lecturer
2014 – Part-time lecturer at Nagoya Osaka University of Art Architecture and Interior Design Course
2017 – T2P Architects Office Co., Ltd. Principle
First-class architect / management architect

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