house example

Passive eco friendly and friendly to both people and the earth

You can realize the transition of the four seasons and family ties. We placed LDK at the center of our living. I feel a sense of connection with my family and feel comfortable and I can cherish your own time, a binding plan with a good sense of distance.
While staying in the house, you can enjoy the movement of the sun changing with the season, the flow of comfortable wind, the color of the sky. We incorporate the natural blessings such as wind and light to the utmost, and the missing parts combine the latest technology, living wisely and comfortably with less energy.


Eyeful Home Machida Exhibition Hall

A cute house with a reputation in your neighborhood

It features a lovely appearance with outstanding eyes and excellent spill of openness.


Ms.H House Kanagawa Prefecture

Connecting families, Skeleton stairway house

The appearance of the sticking commitment of a powerful full point is the tide roof and sleeve wall.


Ms.H House Kanagawa Prefecture

Foster ties, house with ruins

The gable roof and the outer wall of the dark gray are stylish design.


Ms.M House Kanagawa Prefecture

Two-family house with particular attention that cherished family’s time

It is a modern appearance that does not get tired of calm color.


Ms.S House Kanagawa Prefecture

Even in a narrow area, I will not give up “Living with my car”

Built-in carpet style. The balcony also adapts to every corner of the land without corners according to the shape of the site.


Ms.S House Tokyo

Natural house coexisting with preserved preserved tree

Because it is a quiet place like being in the forest as it is in the city, I chose a color tone that will be familiar to nature.


Ms.M House Tokyo

Bicolor is an accent cute apartment

In the Aifulhome Machida store, we also design and construct rental houses.